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Flying Norwegian Airlines with kids

It’s time to make an updated review of Norwegian Airlines. In the winter time I was having a difficult time booking Markus a seat without all the extras – and it did cause me a little bit of a headache that Norwegian didn’t have a better system in place. Well, that’s water under the bridge […]

Planning a trip with a toddler

(This blog was first posted on my personal blog, Can you believe it? This Danish woman who didn’t travel to Denmark for over 5 years after she moved to NYC is now going to travel to Denmark for the 2nd time within 8 months!!??? As you may be aware – I took my son […]

Contemplating a trip again

Alright, so it’s been some months since we went to Denmark. And Germany. And no blog posts yet. It’s not cool – but I did Instagram our trip on @travelingwithmarkus account. Now, back in New York City to resolve some things before planning the next trip. As an travel entrepreneur you really CAN get it […]

Norwegian – Making it a little harder to bring your kid

Dear Norwegian Airlines, I’ve decided to write this blog post as a letter to you. I hope you find it well-meaning but also encouraging to make changes. As a traveling mother and tourism entrepreneur I have needs that I’d like to be met when purchasing my airfare and you almost lost me as a customer. […]

Getting passport for baby + mommy

On Friday Markus turns 6 months old. He’s already been cross country twice in his life. Both trips to California. But now, it’s time for some international traveling with baby. I’m a permanent resident (Green Card holder) in USA and a citizen of Denmark. My passport expired this summer – oops! My son is automatically […]

P.S. Walk With Me – A walking tour in Palm Springs

Since my last post giving you a taste of the history in Palm Springs I went on a walking tour with a guide named Jade Nelson. He’s the owner of the walking tour business: and I took contact with him after being recommended his tours. An early Saturday morning (8:50am), I met with him […]

Palm Springs History

When you think about Palm Springs, you may think 60s style and colorful atmosphere. But, as a NYC Licensed tour guide and a sucker for history and “old days” I had to find out more of the history of Palm Springs. Downtown Palm Springs, on South Palm Canyon Drive at the Village Green, you’ll find […]

Palm Springs Village Fest

Every Thursday, downtown Palm Springs turns into a “street fair featuring arts, crafts, foods and entertainment” – and it’s so much fun! I’ve experienced it a couple of times before so obviously we went again. Walking through the streets along with the many, many other locals and visitors alike looking at interesting displays with locally […]

Baby’s First Flight

After getting through the packing, getting to the airport, through security and onto the plane – the real worry started: How was baby gonna act during this long flight? The flight attendants had been beyond helpful and I was able to get the whole, left last row for myself and Markus. The car seat got […]

The Big Travel Day

The day has arrived. It’s now November 14, 2016 and it’s 6:15 AM. We’re traveling out of JFK, New York in about 12.5 hours and how much packing and preparing have I done? … I did laundry yesterday. I’ve ALWAYS been like that. Always packed the night before, always run around last minute to get […]